Our goal is to create a partnership between schools and public libraries that will empower youth to be independent thinkers and learners.

Request a library visit for your class by calling Pat Mcgurk, Chief Librarian @ 848-2287 X 2800 or email.

The goals of the Elliot Lake Public Library's Visit program is to ensure that:

  • all Elliot Lake's young people have been introduced to public library service at least once in their school career;
  • young people have an opportunity to learn about the recreational as well as informational resources available to them at the public library;
  • all young people who participate in the program have the opportunity to receive a library card of their own.

For quality service, please call one month in advance to book class visits, tours, story times, etc.

Teachers and Aides must be present at all times.

Things you can do to make your visit successful:

  • Tie your visit to a class project. This increases the relevance of the visit for your students and allows them to put new skills into practice right away! 
  • Send your class your project ideas or what you want the students to get out of the visit before coming to the library. We try to design each visit individually and the more we know about your class, the more we can tailor the visit to your needs.
  • Think about chatting with the librarian before you visit. Librarians can keep you informed about new books or databases, even changes in the library that may have an impact on your visit!

We look forward to meeting you and your classes!