A virtual African safari - the world's first virtual game reserve uses web cams to display wild animals using real time streaming video.

American Library Association's Great Web sites for Kids

A collection of great web sites for kids from the American Library Association

Children's Directorycomputype

A complete online guide to services for children, young people and families.

Kid's Guide to Accounting

You can learn about accounting by studying it in school. Accounting games and activities can also help you explore the world of debits, credits, revenue, and expenses. Even if you grow up to own a business and you hire an accountant to help you with your books, it's still important for you to understand the basics of accounting to keep your professional and personal finances healthy.

Kid's Search Tools

A search tool for kids from the Ramapo Catskill Public Library

Media Smarts

An eParenting interactive tool to help parents increase their awareness of the ways that children and teens are using the Internet for learning, entertainment and socializing and the issues they may be encountering along the way.

RCMP Interent Surfing Safety 101 

Just as we teach our kids to safely navigate the streets of our cities, we need to do the same for the digital highway we call the Internet


A web guide and directory for kids. Activities, music, movies and more


Espace des enfants

Jeux, Musique, autres divertissements