In order to meet the mandate of its mission statement, the Elliot Lake Public library will participate in the information network within the community, within the Ontario Public Library Information Network and in cooperation with other library systems across the province and Canada. When a Library patron requires library material that is not included in the Elliot Lake Public Library collection, the Library will try to borrow the material from another library, subject to the eligibility and cost criteria below.

To ensure appropriate use of interlibrary loan, the Library adheres to the terms of the CLA/ASTED Interlibrary Loan Code.

The Elliot Lake Public library both borrows and lends materials.

Eligibility of Patrons who may borrow:

a) Only patrons with a current membership card in good standing (with no overdues or fines) may place an interlibrary loan request.

b) Overdue interlibrary loan material will result in the immediate loss of privileges for that service. Failure to pay for fines and/or fees incurred will result in the suspension of both library and interlibrary loan privileges.

Eligibility of Material for Loan

The following material is not available for loan: reference books; local history material; audiotapes and CDs; videos and DVDs; material that is rare or fragile;  material less than a year old, eg. best sellers; and computer software. Paperback requests are limited to older material and items in series.


a) There is a minimum $3.00 charge for Interlibrary Loans which is refundable unless the lending library levies a fee or materials need to be photocopied.  If these conditions are the case, the borrower would have to pay the additional fee.

b) In the case where a holding library requires a fee for the loan of its material, the requesting Library patron will be expected to cover this cost and will be informed of the possibility of a fee prior to the Library initiating the request.

c) Overdue interlibrary loan materials are subject to $1.00 per day per title fine with no maximum.

d) Interlibrary loan materials lost or damaged must be paid for by the patron, according to the schedule of charges from the lending library.

e) Requests for photocopies from non-circulating or periodical materials cost 25 cents per page.

Borrowing Limitations:

a) The borrowing period for interlibrary loan materials is determined by the holding library.

b) The loan period for material lent by the Elliot Lake Public Library is four weeks.

c) On occasion, some libraries will allow reference materials to be borrowed with the condition they remain in the library for in-house use only.

d) Patrons should be aware of the time limitations of borrowing interlibrary loan material. They should advise the library staff of the date by which the material is required as the material is not always immediately available for loan

e) Renewals are not available for interlibrary loan materials.

f)  Titles in the Elliot Lake Public Library's collection will not be requested unless overdue by more than 3 months and presumed lost.

g) Patrons may have no more than 2 requests or loans at one time.

h) Patrons who are notified as to the arrival of their Interlibrary Loan material must collect the item(s) within 48 hours.  Failure to do so will result in the suspension of Interlibrary Loan privileges for a period of 4 weeks.  As well, a charge of $5.00 will be applied to the patron's Library membership file.