Through funding from the Ontario Government, the Elliot Lake Public Library is able to offer access to the Ontario Library Service Download Centre (Overdrive,) where you can browse from thousands of electronic materials (audio, video and epub) available for download to your computer, tablet, phone or eReader. You must have a valid library card and your number is requried to be added to obtain this service.

If you do not have an eReader, the Elliot Lake Public Library offers a limited amount of Kobo eReaders on loan. Please refer to our  eReader policies. The readers are set up and ready to download. You must have a valid library card to check out this item. Staff will be able to assist you to getting onto the Overdrive website however, you are responsible for browsing and selecting your materials using the computer set up specifically for this purpose. We are only able to offer assistance for the Library's eReaders.

If you have questions pertaining to accessing Overdrive using your own reader or tablet, please see the list of guides below. Also, the Overdrive website has a comprehensive help section which offers FAQ's and videos.

Printable guide materials for eReaders Audio and ebooks database

General Guide

Adobe Digital Editions for Windows

Android devices and media

Sony eReader

Kobo eReader   Advantage Overdrive

Kobo touch, Mini and Glow

Problems with downloads to eReaders                                                                                          After you have logged into Overdrive, whenever you see
                                                                                                                                                         this symbol it means the library has purchased an extra copy
                                                                                                                                                         for Elliot Lake patrons.